Meet Glenise Kinard-Moore.

Glenise Kinard-Moore is the founder of SkiiMoo Tech and the creator of The VDOM. An information security consultant by profession and an ambitious tech creative at night; Glenise is a self-proclaimed tech nerd and she likes to say that her superpower is breaking apart many things to create new things. Glenise holds several information security and audit industry certifications and an undergraduate degree from Georgia State University.



The environment as a whole. Being in the presence of individuals who look like me who are all striving to be the best in what they are doing. Entrepreneurs, founders, small business owners who are making a name for Atlanta. And most of all, the amazing ecosystem of Black excellence that has been created by TK and Ryan.

What motivates you?

Creating my own destiny and an ambitious fire to be the most successful that I can possibly be on my own terms. If I succeed it’s because I worked for it, if I fail it’s because I did something to fail. Being the creator of my own narrative through the blessings that have been bestowed upon me.

What’s one hidden skill or talent that you possess that people might not know?

I say that my superpower is being able to break apart many things to create new things. To create our premiere product, The VDOM, I broke apart everyday appliances, computers, and technology applied to specific disciplines to create a product that has never been created before

What is one piece of advice you’d share with your younger self?

I would tell myself to not allow yourself to be placed in a box by societal norms. Always live outside the box. Living outside of the box allows you to really learn and know yourself, as well as allows you to not waist your time living amongst someone else’s expectations of you. Create your own narrative.

You can find Glenise at or or connect with her on Instagram.