Navigating the Future of Community

The Gathering Spot Club Updates

Community Isn’t Canceled

While we weather the storm of Covid-19 and its impact on our lives, communities, and work, the safety of our members, guests and staff remain as one of our top priorities.  We are actively taking steps to be an even safer place for us to gather following and adhering to all guidelines from the World Health Organization.

Preparing for a New Environment

Secure Entry

Entry to the club will be focused on preventative steps to ensure the safety and health of our members and guests. Our temperature checkpoint will be located in the foyer and will be staffed with a familiar and friendly face from the concierge team. This team member will take your temperature with a no-contact digital thermometer and proceed to ask a series of questions from our Covid-19 Self Declaration Release Form. If your temperature reads above 100.4, access to the club will not be granted. Once cleared, our doorman will allow entry to the club to follow standard check-in procedures.

Masks are required to wear within the club. 

We’ve reduced the number of entrances to one main entrance to ensure proper screening. Capacity will be monitored and controlled by our Doorman. 

For added comfort, The Gathering Spot is an elevator free facility to allow for seamless entry and exit. Additionally, the entry protocol applies to all persons entering the club including staff.

Increased Sanitation

In addition to increased efforts of disinfecting the air and surfaces every 30 minutes and continuing our practice of nightly deep cleans of all surfaces, the club will be furnished with hand sanitizing stations throughout the club for all members, guests, and staff.

Frequently Touched Surfaces


With the exception of our restroom and loading dock doors, all doors will be propped open within the space to minimize direct contact.

Collaboration Tools and Shared Equipment

Tools such as paper, writing instruments, dry erase markers, etc. will be stored and cleaned regularly at the front desk. Equipment such as printers, copiers, fax machines, phones, etc. will be included in our 30 minute cleaning rotations.


The club will provide separate trash receptacles designated for PPE only.
Working from The Gathering Spot
Food and Beverage Service Standards

We realize there will be several questions around how our food and beverage service will resume within the new guidelines. We’ve implemented policies for our team to adhere to including wearing masks and gloves in the dining room and bar. Additionally, we will be serving all entrees with plate covers that will be affixed as soon as an entree is prepared to assure you that your food is protected while being delivered to your table. While service may look different, we will continue to uphold our standard to provide you with exceptional service and elevated food options.

Distancing Solutions 

With a membership community of 3,000 people, we aim to provide our members and guests with comfortable and practical dining and workspace solutions, keeping the well being of everyone at the center of our adjustments. We have reconfigured all spaces to accommodate 6 feet between all tables and seats.

WYE Restaurant

Current Capacity: 48

Future Capacity: 29

Iron Room

Current Capacity: 20

Future Capacity: 8


Current Capacity: 48

Future Capacity: 20

Rail Room

Current Capacity: 10

Future Capacity: 6

Private Dining Room

Current Capacity: 10

Future Capacity: 6

Private Offices

Current Capacity: 3

Future Capacity: 2


Current Capacity: 85

Future Capacity: 66

Phone Rooms

Current Capacity: 2

Future Capacity: 1

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